Jan 4, 2012

heavy heart

Friends, please pray for Theo's family (Reagan, Mike and their children--their blog is linked at the right).  Theo came home just before Lucy did, fought lukemia, and passed away today.  I'm heart-broken for their loss.

Please pray for Bonnie and Justin Myers, too.  They're in Ethiopia fighting to bring their two precious children home.  They're facing several obstacles and have already faced many.  Please pray for them to be able to bring their children home and for peace for their weary hearts.

God says, "I, the Lord, love justice."  He says, "I took up your case, I redeemed your life."  He says, "It wasn't with mere gold and silver that you were redeemed, but at a cost--with the precious blood of my Son."  Lord, be with these families.  Let them feel how very precious to you they are.  Pull them in even closer through these times that don't make sense. Give them peace that can only come from you. Amen.

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  1. Oh my goodness, can't imagine!!! Will be lifting both of these families up to our heavenly father, praying for a peace that only he can give!