Jan 29, 2015

love love love

I so love this sweet daughter of mine!  God has been so good to me!

Jan 23, 2015

my lovely little bride

A very special proposal...

Be still my heart at the utter cuteness.

I love the expressions on her face.  I think she likes being a bride!

Jan 4, 2015

heard lately...

Can you take me to your school?  I need a penciler-sharpener to get a thorn on this pencil.

Whatcha doing?  Pencilling.

You know what I want for my next birthday?  Deisel.  What?  A deisel truck.  (She definitely didn't hear this from me!)

Run fast, mom!  You know, fast.  Like fastinating.

Do you want to see this move?  (I LOVE this!! Her "moves" are always good entertainment.  Bless this child--some of them even look familiar!  Look out world!)

Hey.  Dude!  (What??)  Well, that's what Blake calls Elijah (boys from pre-school).

At the grocery, can you get me some Licky Charms?  I LOVE Licky Charms!

Is green the boss of us?  After lots of questions, I realized that she was talking about traffic lights, and I had to say that green is kind of the boss of us.

That didn't go very well...  (I hear this little commentary a lot as things are falling down, spilling, tearing.)

And, finally, a politely given invitation I can't ever pass up:  "Would you like to come keep me company while I poopy?"

attitude and blessings

Lucy and I had a few rough days.  There was some attitude.  At one point, I said, "I'm tired of this attitude!" and her response was, "Well, I'm tired of this talkiness."


Tonight, though, as I tucked her in bed, we started our Bible stories again.  And then when we prayed, she had to do a "report".  She said that I was the one who was going to pray, spelled out my name, and then reported that I was "a silly and a goober, and the goodest mama."

I needed that "goodest mama" comment, Lord.  Thank you for it!

Jan 1, 2015

Merry Christmas!

(Better late than never!)

We had a beautiful Christmas, Lucy!

While I was working on something in the kitchen, you were drawing at the table.  You showed me this picture that you had drawn:

The ones on the top right are angels, and the ones on the bottom left are Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus.  I think we have some shepherds in there and a few bright stars...

I love it.  I love that it was totally your idea.  I love that your first picture of anyone besides us was of a nativity scene.  I just pretty much think you're amazing.