Sep 22, 2015

kissing kangaroos

She was full of thoughts tonight.  She put on a sweet white dress and announced that she and her husband (a stuffed kangaroo) were going on a date.  She told me that I wouldn't want to be there because "there would be kissing involved."

Then they went to a movie.  Here were the titles of their choices:
'Kiss a Girl on her Wedding Day'
'Why is your Mom Acting so Weird'
'Your Mom is Adopting the Child of your Life'

Sep 4, 2015


She drives!  She was nervous to drive until Uncle John coached her on her bike.  She got back from a bike ride with him and declared, "Why was I scared to drive my car?"  With a squeal of the tires and a tune in her heart, she took off and hasn't looked back.

Wait until you see her in action!  (You'll have to tilt your head, sorry.  And yes, she does get distracted by an airplane mid-drive, but the ending makes up for it.)


This is you, right now, Lucy.  All pure joy, and wild, beautiful hair, and unnecessary band aids. and confidence.  I love you so.