Jun 28, 2015

we moved!


We moved to the COUNTRY!

Our condo sold, which I think is a gift from the Lord, and we moved in with my parents (which is a gift from my parents) for the next few months until we get settled in somewhere "down here" in the country.   She plopped on Pap's hat and her boots and said she was "ready to explore."  I think she's good with the changes.


        Happy girl.                                                            Thundercloud.

It happens quickly :)  Thankfully, Ms. Thundercloud turns it back around just as quickly.  Today I got after her for having being grumpy and she shot back, "Well, who let me stay up too late?"  Touche.

Jun 15, 2015

happy birthday to Mama

Ways you made my birthday special:

-You made and decorated my birthday cake with Nana.  It was beautiful (and delicious).
-You hugged me almost one million times in the days leading up to my birthday and whispered, "Happy Birthday Mama."
-Pap said, "Thirty-five years old."  And you immediately jumped to my defense, "Pap!  Don't call my mama old!"
-You (so helpfully) confirmed with me that next year I'd be 36, and the next year 37, and.... all the way to my late 40s.  It was sweet (and terrifying).

You are a very sweet girl to celebrate with!  I love you!

Jun 11, 2015

a rain storm

...with flowers.  And a cross.  I love seeing her art!

Jun 8, 2015

school days

Snippets of the school-related chatter I hear on pre-school days:

I don't think Joe likes me!!  He always comes to our house when we're playing house and tries to get in! And he never leaves me alone!  (I think Joe may like her a little toooo much!)

And we went upstairs and practiced on the stage.  And then we got in the elevator and--you know what?  I think eeeeeverybody is going to want to sit in my Uncle John's lap!

What are you doing?
--I'm homeworking.
--I'm pencilling.
--I'm scissoring.

Sponge Bob Squirt Pants.  Oh my.

Also, a program.  Lucy will be "Speckled Frog (#3)."  Lucy is elated.  She literally laid in bed, squeezing the covers to her chin and beaming at the ceiling.  "I'm going to be a speckled frog, " she whispered.

Speckled Frog #3
And counting.  Lucy counts to 100 easily now, which is so cool.  But we had a big number mix-up the other day.  She insisted that after 59 came 61.  I told her it was 60.  She was adamant, and insisted (while holding up her wood-block "phone") that "all her friends said so."  Go ahead and check with someone, I said, handing her my phone.  She called Uncle John.  "Hello, John?  What comes after 59?" I hear.  Then an abrupt, "Okay, BYE."  At which point she held up a piece of paper and started sobbing behind it.  "What have you done, old lady?  What have you DONE??" she sobbed.  I struggled to contain my laughter.  I'm assuming that "old lady" is me.

Jun 6, 2015

funny girl

I'm in trouble from here on out.  This little funny-bunny caused me to do a "spit-take" today.   I was on an enthusiastic ramble and paused for a sip of soda just as she gave a very well-timed fake snore.  I spit it everywhere and we both cracked up.  It's just the beginning...

Super Lucy at the library

What a good Saturday.