Nov 30, 2011

1 year ago

One year ago I saw this sweet face in my inbox.

I was so very happy, but I had no idea what a joy she would be.  Thank you, Lord!  You are so good to me!           

Nov 19, 2011

Talkin' to Jesus

After breakfast, Lucy noticed our nativity scene and said a perky, "Hi!" to baby Jesus. 

She sang to him, too!  Prayer and worship this morning :)

Nov 13, 2011

happy baby

I talk to so many strangers now... Lucy makes them friends by peeking at them and saying "hi" (rather insistently if they don't answer).  So many people comment on what a happy baby she is.  I just think about how smiles were slow to come and I didn't hear her laugh for a good two months after she came home.  I am so thankful that she is, indeed, a happy baby! :)
(She sure has made her family happy!)

Nov 8, 2011


Orphan Sunday 2011 from Christian Alliance for Orphans on Vimeo.

Sunday was "orphan Sunday" and many of my favorite blogs have made mention of this fact. But I just titled my post "Sunday" because every Sunday there are millions of children waking up without a happy greeting, going all day without being loved on, and going to sleep without being tucked in because they have no one to take care of them.

And a thought-provoking fact: 

                    If 6% of everyone who claims Christ adopted a child, there wouldn't be any orphans.

Nov 3, 2011

Lucy's plans

I generally think that Lucy just kind of reacts to what is around her.  If we're in the kitchen, she's thinking... wow, drawers!  If we're in the living room, she's thinking... maybe I can pull everything off of these shelves.  You get the idea.  But I realized that this little girl's brain is working in ways I didn't expect!  We were at my parent's house the other day, and she yelled, "Ja!  Ja!" (John) and looked around.  I was carrying her to "our" room there to change her and she yelled "Ja!" right at his door as we passed, so we peeked in.  She wasn't one foot in the door before she started making her MMMwah! (kissing) sound!  She wasn't just going where I took her.  She had PLANS!  She wanted to go see Uncle John and get a KISS!  I thought that was precious!

 What is she thinking now?
I'm not sure, but all of this is just re-inforcing the sneaking suspicion I have that she's brilliant.  Just saying.