May 21, 2014

A few things that are concerning me about my life the past 24 hours

A few things that are concerning me about my life the past 24 hours:
  • I have killed 2 spiders in my bathroom.  Yuck!  My crocks are lethal weapons to insects.
  • There is a bad smell coming from my fridge.
  • I spent 1.5 hours in a large super-store with two wound-up toddlers waiting for 2 new tires.
  • A and Lucy decided it was lots of fun to make as much noise as they could... in said large super-store.  And A figured out how to spit long-distance.
  • We had dinner at the sandwich shop there and I killed a bug on our table.  ON THE TABLE.  They only gave us one napkin (really?!  I have 2 small kiddos here!) so I just slid the bug carcass off the table with the edge of the sandwich wrapper...which we then used as a plate.  Bon appetit!
  • I spent 58 dollars more than was quoted me.  I asked what the extra charges were and was told, "$3 for a valve, and $1 for a new tire."  I asked again and this answer (which makes no sense and definitely doesn't add up to 58 dollars) was repeated.  I was so desperate to leave that I just said, "Okay," and hit the road.
  • I identified the smell from the fridge--raw chicken, long forgotten and gone bad.  And it's still there because:
  • I am held captive in my home by two little people.  One who runs into the road, limiting our trips to the car while she's awake and one who wakes up all the live-long day after she's been tucked in and freaks out if I'm not there, limiting my trips to the car when she's in bed.
  • A had a diaper emergency when I had no diapers, so we used a pull-up.  Score!
  • The pull-up removal process with a large, squirmy 18 month old is trickier than I expected, and a solid little "surprise" ended up in. my. LAP.  I screamed and made what apparently was the funniest face in all history.  2 girls in hysterics (who are supposed to be getting all chilled out for bed-time).
  • While dealing with the afore-mentioned "surprise" deposited on my jeans, a centipede scurried about under my leg.  With lightning-like reflexes, and without smearing poo anywhere it had not previously been smeared, I nailed it with my croc.
  • I had been tossing tiny dirty clothes into the open washing machine since yesterday, and this morning I stripped A's bed after a leaky diaper and tossed it all in, too.  It was super-full, but I started it up--working at keeping things running and avoiding total chaos.  Score!
  • We had to make an emergency stop at ANOTHER store because all of a sudden we were out of toilet paper, even on the laundry room shelf where there are usually extra rolls.
  • After A was tucked in, Lucy and I read a book on the couch.  I had my ankle propped up on my opposite knee, and all of a sudden, I notice that Lucy is licking (licking!) the length of the bottom of my crocs (you know, the bug-slaying ones).
  • I started to change the laundry after everyone was finally in bed (remember, the totally full load of tiny clothing and bedding) and I heard something plasticky in there while I was reaching in to get the clothes.  It was the plastic wrapper of the remaining roll of toilet paper, which must have fallen off the shelf and into the washer and had gone through the wash cycle with all the clothes.  They are all covered in a linty sheen of Quilted Northern. 
Black pants, after the T.P. travesty.
Lord help us!  I'm one bug carcass and/or one bodily-fluid-related incident from losing it, and if you see me tomorrow, I very well may be coated with tiny fragments of toilet paper.  Good night!

May 20, 2014

funny things from your brain today

On the way to Ms. Connie's, you were "cooking" in a bowl you had in the back.  "A little milk, some oatmeal, a cup of salt, hashbrowns, eggs, syrup..."you mumbled as you mixed.  It sounded very breakfast-y, indeed.

When we passed the "little" school, you asked if I would be there today.  Yes, I replied.  "I wonder what you'll learn about," you mused, sounding a bit jealous.  You can't wait to go to school, and I think you picture me as a student instead of a teacher.  I do learn quite a bit each day!

On the way to Nana's, you pondered making potties for birds, you know, "so they don't poop on your car."

We held hands to pray before dinner and we asked, "Who's going to pray?"  "Not me!" you piped up, "I have to eat a little during prayer."  We teased you a bit, and you did pray, but you did try to snag a bite between words (face to plate, because your hands were both being held).

I asked you how you were making breakfast (so that Nana, Pap, and Uncle John could hear).  You spelled it out for them, with a little twist this time.  (After all, true chefs change it up all the time, right?)  "You make oatmeal with milk, and syrup, hotdogs, sugar..."  "What about salt?"  asked JW, who had been prepped beforehand by me.  "NO!" she said, incredulously, "There is no salt in oatmeal!"  (But there are hotdogs, apparently...)

I heard you telling Pap that you want to be a bunny when you grow up.  I missed the rest of the conversation because I was gathering up things to head home.  Once we were in the car, you said, "I want to be a bird when I grow up.  I wanted to be a bunny, but Pap said I can't be one, so I think I will like to be a bird."

On the way home, Little A was tired and emitting a continuous, loud whine.  "A, you need to stop whining," I said, going a little batty with all the noise.  That propelled her into a full-fledged crying fit. "Oh great,"  I thought, as my sweet Lucy said, "I think she misses her Grandma."  That really could be.  How kind of you to think of it.  Sadly, I was slow to feel compassion, and got after A again:  "That's enough!"  You were indignant.  "Mama, you can't say 'that's enough' to her when she is missing her Grandma!" you cried.  Then you turned to the little one, loudly crying in the seat next to you and talked to her sweetly until she stopped crying.  Precious, precious child.  I'll catch on one of these days.

Joy Belle,  I love how your brain thinks!  You are such a fun mix of big and little right now.  I love your kind heart!  I love being your Mama.


May 12, 2014

Evan and Alyssa's Wedding

It was lots of fun!  Lucy was a sign-bearer, and she did a great job!

It was at a stable, and we saw lots of cool horses.

We saw a ferocious, scary cat, and Lucy tried to scare it away :)

To my surprise, she was the first one out on the dance floor... even before there was any music. 
Pretty dresses are just so fun to twirl in!

And when the music started, there was no stopping her!  Go Lucy!

May 3, 2014

Isaiah 41:10

"Do not fear, for I am with you.  Do not be dismayed, for I am your God.  I will strengthen you and help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand."  Isaiah 41:10

And some silliness, just for fun:

May 1, 2014

skinny jean problems

Oh, Lucy Joy!  You delight your mama to no end!

This morning you burst in in brand new skinny jeans, mismatched socks, and your sparkle shoes.  (Shirts are tricky, so you didn't have anything on up top).  "I dressed myself!" you declared!  I marveled at your skills, but it soon came out that you didn't have on any panties.  "Well," I said, "You'd better put some on for today."  I kept getting ready when I heard some squalling coming from your direction.  I went in to find you naked as a jane-bird (as you say) with a tangle of denim around your ankles.  You couldn't get your jeans off!  You huffed, "Mama, I need some help!  I can't get these jeans off, and I'm feeling 'ZASperated!"

Where did you come up with exasperated?  It's the first time I've heard it and you used it well!  You also (totally on your own) added a necklace to complete your ensemble.  I'm so proud of you, big girl!

I didn't get a picture, but here is your ensemble on another day when you PROUDLY dressed yourself.