Aug 24, 2016

Lucy's Library

We love Kindergarten!

I took down a picture that I loved and put up some maps and spaces for Lucy's work and our calendar.  Now, I love this, too!  It's good to have a place to put her bag/coat when she comes home and it's made mornings easier.

We made an un-used play baby bed into Lucy's Library.  She LOVES this, and asked for a close-up of it :)
I like how she can flip through them and pick what she wants.

We have a spot to hang her good work.  I'm sure we'll see lots of that this year!

Aug 18, 2016

a love note on my "little tushy"

I've been putting little notes on napkins in Lucy's lunch.  Love notes.

This morning, she asked if I'd put a note in her lunchbox.  I told her I had, and then she started scurrying around the kitchen while I cooked our eggs.

She came around the corner and told me she had a little surprise for me.  

But... I don't have a lunch box, so I she clipped it to me as I stood at the stove.

"I put a note for you--on your little tushy!" 

Oh, how I love this sweet, funny girl!!

Aug 16, 2016

Lucy goes to Kindergarten

And --oh, oh, oh! --the fun's begun.

I peeked at recess!  This is right outside of my window.
You can hardly see, but she's beside the girl in the pink shirt under the playground equipment.
You can see her leg and her purple shoe.  I just love how they seem to be "chatting.".

The blank stare took over this evening.  She's tired!

Very thankful for a happy girl tonight!  We're ready to go back tomorrow!

Aug 15, 2016

a prayer for Lucy

Dear Lord, thank you for my sweet child.  Thank you that she's growing taller and stronger and learning so much.  Thank you that we live in the US, where she can go to school, for free.  Where her opportunities spread out in front of her like twinkling stars in the sky--starting with this one:  a good education.  In a clean, air-conditioned school, where she'll be treated well.  While children labor away in India and beg on the streets in Ethiopia and stay home while brothers go to school in Pakistan, she'll be at her desk, pencil in hand, learning in a bright classroom with a kind and creative teacher.  Wow, Jesus, thank you for this.  This is not a given for so many.  Help me to see the good and be thankful, as I send her to school in the morning.  You are so good to us!  Can I ask just a few more things?
--Give her a clear, true perception of herself as a dearly loved child and an awesome human.
--Give her a friend.
--Give her the courage to be kind.
Thank you, Jesus.  Amen.

Aug 13, 2016

Okay, Google...

Lucy discovered and taught me a whole new thing:  Google searching by saying, 'Okay, Google" and then asking what you want to know.  She thinks this is "awesome" and "exciting" and was really keen to try out her new discovery.

If you've ever wondered what a 5 year old wonders about, I can share a few minutes of what burning questions were in Lucy's heart today."

In the space of about 5 minutes, the first round:
"Okay, Google, how long is an ostrich?"
"Okay, Google, how long is a whale?"
"Okay, Google, how long is a giraffe?"
"Okay, Google, how long is a Deddy-Long-Legs?"  (no answer)
"A DEDDY-LONG-LEGS?  A.  DEDDY. LONG. LEGS!!!?"  (gives up)
"Okay, Google, how long is a human?"
"This is a good one!  Okay, Google, how long is 2 humans plus 6 lions?"  (under her breath, "They don't know.)
"Okay, Google, how long is the earth?"
"Okay, Google, how long is the outer space?" (no answer--doesn't wait, moves on immediately)
"Okay, Google, how strong is a lion?" "Google!  Google?  Maybe I should let Google rest."

The next round, in the space of about 12 minutes.  (I was writing frantically and completely dissolving into laughter.  Shoulders shaking, like when you see those goofy family vacation pictures and the first few are kind of funny, but the collective group just leaves you utterly undone with laughter.  That's where I was by the end of this.  I don't know if it will strike anyone else as that funny, but it sure did me.)

"Okay, Google, when was the Earth built?"  (Insert mini-lesson on creationism v/s evolutionism)
"Okay, Google, how do you make a world?"
"Okay, Google, how do you make a phone?"
"Okay, Google, what would you do if a lion was eating you?" Eye roll.  "They don't know?"
"Okay, Google, what does a turtle's teeth look like?"
"Okay, Google, how big are sharks' teeth?"
"Okay, Google, Show me what a snake looks like."  Silence.  Whispers, "That's amazing."
"Okay, Google, how long is a snake?"
Rapid-fire, doesn't wait for answer:  "Okay, Google, how long is the ocean?
   --"Okay, Google, what is the strongest animal under the water?"
     --"Okay, Google, how long is 2 people, 3 turtles and 1 shark?"
"Okay, Google, how many days does it take to make a little, tiny tree?  (Google starts to answer, she cuts in with "OR a mushroom?")
"Okay, Google, how long is a car?"
"Okay, Google, what does constellations look like?"  Silence.  "Oh. my. word."
"Okay, Google, when was the first baby built?"
"Okay, Google, how many days would it take to write a book?
"Okay, Google, who was the first president of the whole en-tyler WORLD?"  Google goes into an alternative theory.  Lucy dismisses it with, "Google doesn't KNOW!  It's GEORGE WASHINGTON, Google!"
"Okay, Google, when was the first tower built in the whole en-tyler world?"
"Okay, Google, how do you make a TV?
Rapid fire, doesn't wait for answers:  "Okay, Google, when was the first tree?"
         --"Okay, Google, who... is a ghost?"
         --"Okay, Google, I wanna' know, who is the strongest animal in the ocean?"
"Okay, Google, how long is a car?"
"Okay, Google, how long is the grass?"  "They don't know."
"Okay, Google, when was Sherman School built?"
"Okay, Google, when was the tower of Ohio built?"
"Okay, Google, when was the first car in the whole en-tyler world built?"
"Okay, Google, when was the first school ever built, in the whole en-tyler world built?"
"Okay, Google, how many days would it take to build the aquarium?"  "They don't know.  I bet 100."
"Okay, Google, how long is an ostrich with 2 humans?"
"Okay, Google, how many days would it take to make a car?  From three giraffes?
"Okay, Google, how would you make a building?"
"Okay, Google, what was the first song ever made, ever?"
"Okay, Google, how many days would it take to build a car?"
"Okay, Google, who came up with this thing of 'I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America.. [says whole pledge] ?"  (Google answers, "Here is a selection of local events."  She sighs.  "Really, Google?"

Oh, we're learning so much.  Thank you, Google.

Aug 10, 2016


Lucy, you did so many brave things that you couldn't do before!
I am so proud of you --you kept trying!

(This is monumentally HUGE for my water-shy gal!)

"Nailed it."

Aug 6, 2016

Lucy videos Nana speaking "Spanish"

A serious documentary about the perils of language learning at an  more... ahem... mature age,
by objective filmmaker, Lucy Joy Tesfanish.

I present:  Nana reads "Un Tipo Grande Se Llevo Mi Pelota"

Aug 3, 2016

I love Lucy.


What a great summer!

Things I heard:

"He's older than me.  I think he's in his mid-twelves."

"I'm going to throw you a Dora Party, with low-carb cake."

We started watching I Love Lucy.  You belly-laugh at her antics, and I laugh because you laugh.

You taught lots of VBS lessons and songs to your babies.


Summer can be CRAZY!

Sometimes, you gotta

And sometimes you gotta
sleep DEEPLY (so deeply, drool is dripping off your chin).

And, sometimes?
Sometimes, you just gotta