Aug 15, 2016

a prayer for Lucy

Dear Lord, thank you for my sweet child.  Thank you that she's growing taller and stronger and learning so much.  Thank you that we live in the US, where she can go to school, for free.  Where her opportunities spread out in front of her like twinkling stars in the sky--starting with this one:  a good education.  In a clean, air-conditioned school, where she'll be treated well.  While children labor away in India and beg on the streets in Ethiopia and stay home while brothers go to school in Pakistan, she'll be at her desk, pencil in hand, learning in a bright classroom with a kind and creative teacher.  Wow, Jesus, thank you for this.  This is not a given for so many.  Help me to see the good and be thankful, as I send her to school in the morning.  You are so good to us!  Can I ask just a few more things?
--Give her a clear, true perception of herself as a dearly loved child and an awesome human.
--Give her a friend.
--Give her the courage to be kind.
Thank you, Jesus.  Amen.

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