Led to Lucy

  Some thoughts on the journey to Lucy:
2009-10                I’m seriously praying about adoption.  I have a good job, a pretty home :), a glaringly empty extra room, and an acute, uncomfortable awareness that there are so many children out there who need a place to live and someone to love them.  God is working.  I am thinking.
July 10-17            Trip to pick up sweet Cooper.  God shows me lots.  I cry in an orphanage.
July 27                   After a long week of praying and budgeting and praying some more, I’ve decided to adopt you.  Driving in my car, I realize I can’t do it without God’s grace and help, and I feel such a peace that I’ve finally gotten to the right frame of mind and a peace to move forward.
August 4            I get the 1st packet of paperwork
August 14          Home study visit and getting started on Dossier.
August 28           Abby (roommate until you get here) and I go to visit Amy and home study is finished!
September 9      Dossier sealed and sent out
September 13   Officially on the list, waiting for you!  I’m #7 which seems short and also very long!
                               To Do While I Wait:  pray, watch Ethiopian adoption videos on you tube, read parenting books, pray, daydream about you, build up your library, buy you a fluffy white tutu that you don’t need but will be adorable in, I’m sure, pray, wait, talk about you, plan, dream, cry a little, laugh a little, thank God for you, read some more, finish my Rank 1 (so I can feed you J ), pray, sleep, dream about you, pray, wait, check my email one trillion times, until….       REFERRAL:  I meet you!  Wow, I can’t wait!
October 10          Fingerprinting at the Federal building in Cincinnati.  I got the times wrong and was a half hour late, and I really got dressed down about it.  I just gritted my teeth and smiled—you’re worth it!
October 27          Called to see where I was in line—third or first, depending.  WOW!! Then I got home, and had the I71-H waiting—your official permission to enter the country.  It’s really happening—you’re going to be here!  (and you’re legal ;) !
November 30    Lucy!  I saw your face!  Referral—a beautiful, tiny, 1 month old.  You are so sweet and so tiny.  I have a picture of you sleeping—I can’t help it, I say “aaaaw” every time.  You’re precious!  I stared at you for days.
December 17     We have a court date, little one!  March 1st.  Oohh, I cried!  I thought it was too long to wait to hold you.  I’m still thinking it’s too long, but it’s lovely to have tickets and a date—I get to hold you!  I get to kiss you!  I get to cuddle you.  Ooh, Lucy, I can’t wait!