Oct 26, 2013




Read these articles, please.

One is the story of an abandoned four year-old, adopted by loving, faithful older parents through the foster care system, told by the man who lived it.

One is the story of a 15 year old boy who went to a church recently to ask for a family.  The thought of the guts it took to do that, and the thought process through which you get there (I am alone, I need a family, I may not get one if I don't speak up...) just hurts.

God, give us wisdom.  Help us to see the world as it is, as we'll see it one day.  Speak clearly to us through your word about what's important.  And what's not.  And help us be brave...

Oct 13, 2013

belly dancing?

I heard a giggle from the back seat. 

"What's going on, good girl?" I asked.

She had her arms spread wide and was staring down at her stomach.  She looked up and said (in a kind of bemused amazement), "I'm dancing with my belly button!"


Oct 11, 2013

Happy 3rd Birthday!

Happy Birthday, sweet girl!

You just woke up a big 3 year old!

A hand-me-down gift--my little people house circa 1985.  You LOVE it :)  Especially the doorbell!

A birthday trip to the zoo.  Which you sweetly thanked me for as I strapped you in your seat afterwards.  You were full of "thank you"s today, which makes me so happy for you.  I hope you'll remember that being thankful is the best outlook and that God gives us all good things!

We saw lots of special animals from Africa (including a Giraffe named Lulu who was having a birthday too!)

Train ride!  You whooped out the highest pitched "All Aboard!" that may have ever been whooped :)

I love you so very much!  You are my best gift from God and I'm so thankful you are you, and you are THREE!


Oct 1, 2013

more prayer: both casual and questioning

So, Lucy's prayer life....

Casual mode:  Sashaying through the living room, imaginary phone to ear.  "Heeey Jesus!  Watcha' doin'?"

We have these wonderful CDs called Seeds of Worship, which are Bible verses set to music.  Lucy LOVES the one called "Word of the Lord."  During the song, they sing the words, "He spoke and it came to be."  During a long road trip, Lucy repeated, incredulously, "Smokin' in the beat?" several times.  I explained each time that they were saying SPOKE, not smoke, and how that meant that God's SAID something and it happened, ie., God is in control.

I thought I'd cleared things up, but tonight before bed, her prayers started out a little rhyme that her sitter says and then took an unexpected turn. 

"Thank you for the birds that sing, thank you -- God?  Why you smoke?  You smoke, God?"  Then a little quieter, "That's not very nice."