May 15, 2015

Lucy Lately....

Lucy and I were walking out of Kroger.  "Hi!" she exclaimed, and started toward a lovely Hispanic woman and her elementary-aged children.  I smiled at them, then looked back at Lucy questioningly.  She stopped short and asked, "You do know them, right mama?"  I didn't.  But it's so funny to me that she thinks I'm buddies with all Hispanic people :)

Also, I had a Diet Coke with this label:

"I can read that!"  Lucy exclaimed.  "It says EVAPORATED!"
I think she overshot it a bit, but she's really thinking about those letter sounds!

She also told me this morning about a conversation with her imaginary boyfriend (?!?).  It started out with a kind of a shimmy and a "Heeeeeey giiiiiiiiiiiirl,  you wanna have a date?"  I'm toast.

We sometimes toss things out the car windows.  I always say something about how the birds can eat it because it's always something biodegradable--a cracker, an apple core, etc.  Yesterday we were driving and she said that she needed a tissue, becuase she had  had a "boog" on her finger.  I couldn't find anything, so I said that she could toss it out the window.  Long pause.  "Mama, it's really -isgusting.  I don't think the birds will want to eat it."

She asked last week,  "Mama, did the UKs win?"  Nope, I answered.  "Then who won the football?"

She was in the back of the car recently, looking at her hands.  She had 2 fingers up on one hand and 4 on the other.  "Two plus four equals six.  And (finger maneuvering) four plus two equals six!  Mama, there are two ways to make six!"  I blew her mind by putting three and three up on my hands.  Delighted giggle.  "Math is so fun." she sighed.

I've been eating low-carb, which is pretty great for the ol' diabetes.  She isn't super-enthused, and recently told me, "My doctor told me that I have to eat HIGH CARB.  Just, like, candy and stuff."  Nice try, throwing in a professional medical opinion!

And this scene from when I checked on her tonight:

She's sleeping, and that is a picture book, open to a picture of her and I that she looks at "when she misses Mama."  I don't even have words for the sweetness.

May 11, 2015

Mother's Day

I remember this day so clearly.  It was my first Mother's Day.  The year before on Mother's Day, I didn't have even an inkling what the next year would hold.   Then, that year, I got to take my little blessing up and dedicate her to God and myself to leaning on Him to raise her well.

The look on her face cracks me up.  I'm feeling good, but she looks a bit skeptical...  

And after church, as we walked to the car, she leaned into me and whispered excitedly, "Mama, I want to take you somewhere nice for Mother's Day.  Penn Station!"  She beamed.

What a little treasure she is.  What a joy and a blessing from God.  I'm so thankful to be her mama.