Nov 25, 2015

Thankful girls

I'm so thankful for YOU, Lucy!!

We made some "thank you" cookies for people we're thankful for in our community.  You were a little shy at first, but you handed them out and said thank you at each place.  I was so proud!

Thank you for having the library and letting us read books so we can learn."  and "I love books."  The library
(You kept writing and saying, "Oh man, I made a 3.  Oh man, another three?!"  Like they just showed up and surprised you!)

"Thank you for loving me and taking care of me."  Mrs. Connie

"Thank you for keeping us safe, from Lucy."  Fire station

"Thank you for keeping us safe."  Sherrif's office

Nov 11, 2015


I'm reading a book about prayer.  It's rocking my world.

One thing it talks about is just asking for what we want.  Not trying to be spiritual or worrying about being selfish, just asking. 

Lucy's prayers lately have blown me away.

In the last two days, she's asked beautifully:  God, thank you for making the stars, and for decorating the trees for us.I

She's asked bluntly:  God, will you help us find a kid?   She wants a little sister, and she just went for it.

She's asked thoughtfully:  And will you give John and Rachel a kid, too?  Thank you.

She's asked for things that surprised me:  And help the people who don't have a house to find one.  Like us.   A beautiful prayer, but I was thinking about homeless people, not necessarily... us.

But she's asked.  I think that's how God wants us to approach him.  (In fact, he invited us to approach him as little children.)  He wants us to delight in the beauty of this world he's made, and he wants us to lay out hopes and wishes before him, no justifying, no explaining, just asking for them.  He wants us to ask for big, life-changing things and for the mundane things we need each day.

Nov 2, 2015

speaking of...

From today:

In the car, I mentioned a girl's cute hair.  "Cute as me?"  She asked.  "Oh baby," I told her, "You have my heart.  No matter what I think about anyone else, no matter how great they are, I always think you're amazing, and I love you with my whole heart, forever and ever."  Her face squinted up and she said, "I'm going to start crying," and started bawling.  "What?!" I asked, "What's wrong?"  She tried to get it out, "Just you said..."   "You said..."  "You said that nice thing to meeeeee."

In bed, after the Bible story about Adam and Eve in the garden, you started asking about how God made us.  Like out of dirt?  Well, Adam and Eve, yes.  But us?  Well, in a mama's belly.  How does it get in there?  Well, God makes the baby from the mom and the dad.  And what about me?  God made you from your birth mom and birth dad.  (Umm, a little caught off guard, but going with it...)  She thought for a second.  "Well, how did the the birth dad get involved?" you asked.  Get invovled?!?  You crack me up!!!

We talked about a recent outing.  "Speaking of the park, we saw ice cream and you said big mouth."  She paused delicately.  "Were you speaking to me?"   She's a hoot!  She saw a woman walking by with big ice cream cones and I said, "Don't even think about it, big eyes."  She heard "big mouth" and then brought it up to clarify it five hours later.  I can't believe she said, "Were you speaking to me?"


Pap said she was sounding out queitly:  C-c-c  ongratu L L L ash h h h ns

tights and tutus

She wheeled up, ready for dance class.  Pretty dang cute.

After class, showing off her moves.  She loved the dance class, but they went on a pretend trip to the beach, and she ran up and whispered to me, "I don't want to go to the beach with these people."  She's so funny!