Nov 11, 2015


I'm reading a book about prayer.  It's rocking my world.

One thing it talks about is just asking for what we want.  Not trying to be spiritual or worrying about being selfish, just asking. 

Lucy's prayers lately have blown me away.

In the last two days, she's asked beautifully:  God, thank you for making the stars, and for decorating the trees for us.I

She's asked bluntly:  God, will you help us find a kid?   She wants a little sister, and she just went for it.

She's asked thoughtfully:  And will you give John and Rachel a kid, too?  Thank you.

She's asked for things that surprised me:  And help the people who don't have a house to find one.  Like us.   A beautiful prayer, but I was thinking about homeless people, not necessarily... us.

But she's asked.  I think that's how God wants us to approach him.  (In fact, he invited us to approach him as little children.)  He wants us to delight in the beauty of this world he's made, and he wants us to lay out hopes and wishes before him, no justifying, no explaining, just asking for them.  He wants us to ask for big, life-changing things and for the mundane things we need each day.

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