Nov 2, 2015

speaking of...

From today:

In the car, I mentioned a girl's cute hair.  "Cute as me?"  She asked.  "Oh baby," I told her, "You have my heart.  No matter what I think about anyone else, no matter how great they are, I always think you're amazing, and I love you with my whole heart, forever and ever."  Her face squinted up and she said, "I'm going to start crying," and started bawling.  "What?!" I asked, "What's wrong?"  She tried to get it out, "Just you said..."   "You said..."  "You said that nice thing to meeeeee."

In bed, after the Bible story about Adam and Eve in the garden, you started asking about how God made us.  Like out of dirt?  Well, Adam and Eve, yes.  But us?  Well, in a mama's belly.  How does it get in there?  Well, God makes the baby from the mom and the dad.  And what about me?  God made you from your birth mom and birth dad.  (Umm, a little caught off guard, but going with it...)  She thought for a second.  "Well, how did the the birth dad get involved?" you asked.  Get invovled?!?  You crack me up!!!

We talked about a recent outing.  "Speaking of the park, we saw ice cream and you said big mouth."  She paused delicately.  "Were you speaking to me?"   She's a hoot!  She saw a woman walking by with big ice cream cones and I said, "Don't even think about it, big eyes."  She heard "big mouth" and then brought it up to clarify it five hours later.  I can't believe she said, "Were you speaking to me?"

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