Dec 4, 2016

school days

Lucy loves school.

She's a teacher all evening, and one of her beloved front office ladies on the weekends.  She is quick to make you clip down, so be forewarned to be on your best behavior.

Everything is "we".  "We had three absent today!"  "We were late to specials today."  "We had three kids spill their drinks at lunch.  And one of them was me!"

She is learning to read, and thinks about those letters all the time.  The other day just before she drifted off, she asked, "Why isn't T a vowel?"  I'm not sure, bu the vowels are... "a,e,i,o,and u.  What's so SPE-cial about being a VOW-el?"  She often sounds things out and chats about which things are spelled alike and which words rhyme.

I ate lunch with her and a little girl walked out and plopped her foot out in front of Lucy.  Lucy barely glanced at the untied laces and told her (no-nonsense) that she's not supposed to be up at lunch and that she'd tie it for her after lunch.  I asked her if she ties shoes often.  "Yes," she said, "And Mrs. King only ties shoes until Christmas, so I'll have even more work to do after that!"

Numbers are fun, too.  She was huddled under my coat in the back seat.  Usually this means she's got my phone and is sneaking extra time.  I asked what she was doing under there, and her face popped out and she cheerily cried out, "Math-ing!"  She said, "It's time for math!  Now, if I have 5 gingerbread cookies and two friends come over and eat one, how many do I have?"  She solves it in her little notebook.  Then she says, "Time for another equation!"

She told me about two kids who shared a long look on the playground.  And then they said, "Hiiii."  And then they ran (from each other) aaaaand...  "It was a love-match."

There are numerous hugs with her friends when I pick her up every day.  Life is good in Kindergarten.

Nov 16, 2016

selfies and an extra

Lucy, Desta, Duckie, and Kangy

Mama and Lucy

Bonus pic:  too much fun in one car!

Nov 6, 2016

the luckiest girl

We went to a park and took a break in the grass.  I started looking at the clovers and told her that some people think 4 leaf clovers are lucky, but I've never found one.

In about 2 minutes flat she'd found 3 of 'em!

Nov 4, 2016

the... election

Lucy heard quite a bit of election talk.
She showed me this.
(She's marked out d (Donald) and h (Hillary) and has voted for McMullin).
(And Donald Trump has a big head and a frowny face!)
I like how she thinks.