Mar 21, 2015

couches and ice cream and best buds :)

These two.  It made me so happy to see them playing today!  Reagan is such a positive little girl, and hearing her and Lucy chatting it up was a hoot!  There was lots of talk about how they were princesses, and there was a LOT of excitement that Reagan would finally get to see our ... couch (!!!).  "I just can't wait to see your couch, Lucy!  And your toys and your house!  What color is your COUCH??"  "Greenish."  "Oh... um, well, I think that sounds nice, but I really, REALLY like pink and purple..."   Cracked me up!

They have lots to talk about.  Ladies who lunch (and ice cream)  :)
I think it's so special that Crystal and I grew up together, best buds, and that I sat with her as she was in the hospital waiting for Reagan to come along and we wondered if my little one had been born yet in Africa.

Little did we know that Lucy Joy was born just 9 days before Reagan was!  And that they'd be best buds, too! :)

Mar 6, 2015

love letter

My dearest Joy-Belle,

I am writing you a love letter.  You see, there are just so very many things I love about you.

I love that you jump at signs 7 feet above you, and grin at me, and say, "I almost got it!"

I love that you think your preschool teacher and the assistant both drive "limousine cars."  You are so sure about this.

I love that you say elephlant, and Carolylyn and talk so big even when you're so small.

I love that you request little conferences:  "Mama, can I get your opinion on something?"  "I need to have a little talk with Nana.  Mama, will you please excuse us?"  "I have to go poopy.  Would you like to keep me company?'

I love that you pray to God with your whole heart.  You tell him what you need, and often add, "Will you HELP me God?" in that precious, chirpy four year old voice of yours.

I love that you're funny, and that your eyes sparkle when you're making a joke.

I love that you want a mailbox full of cash for your 5th birthday.  I'm laughing as I type it.

I love that you sigh after we read "A Mother for Chaco" and tell me that it's a best lovely story because a baby finds a mama.  I love that you ask me who wrote it and melt into giggles when I say the silly name.

I love when you play teacher, and there is a lot of explanation using your hands, and a lot of "Now, each one of you is going to..." talk.

I love that you always have imaginary friends around, whether it's siblings or the Duggars.

I love to see you take care of people.  You take care of me, and tell me to be careful when you see an icy patch, and remind me to bring my phone.  You talk so sweetly to little ones.  You give precious gifts.   You gave me a rock with such reverence, and you still check on it in my dresser drawer.

I love that when you sing you belt it out.  Especially the songs you "made from your heart."

I love that you cried at Annie because you were "just so happy."

I love so many things about you, Lucy Joy!  You are such a precious blessing from God!