Mar 21, 2015

couches and ice cream and best buds :)

These two.  It made me so happy to see them playing today!  Reagan is such a positive little girl, and hearing her and Lucy chatting it up was a hoot!  There was lots of talk about how they were princesses, and there was a LOT of excitement that Reagan would finally get to see our ... couch (!!!).  "I just can't wait to see your couch, Lucy!  And your toys and your house!  What color is your COUCH??"  "Greenish."  "Oh... um, well, I think that sounds nice, but I really, REALLY like pink and purple..."   Cracked me up!

They have lots to talk about.  Ladies who lunch (and ice cream)  :)
I think it's so special that Crystal and I grew up together, best buds, and that I sat with her as she was in the hospital waiting for Reagan to come along and we wondered if my little one had been born yet in Africa.

Little did we know that Lucy Joy was born just 9 days before Reagan was!  And that they'd be best buds, too! :)

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