Mar 24, 2013


I always have a backlog of cute anecdotes that I want to share here, so I smush several day's worth (okay, weeks/months worth) of cuteness and pics into one post.  Today was so full of cute that I'll just post about ONE day with my bright, inquisitive, sweet girl.


I heard, through the baby monitor (which is new--she hasn't tried to "chat" with me from her crib before):  "Mama!  I got a booger!  I got a booger on my finger a' show you."  Ha!

She pulled our her round, disc sled and curled up in it with a book.

She ran into where I was at my parent's to ask permission to do a few things with Nana.  "Mama, I ride wagon?  I ride wagon?"  Apparently Nana offered, and she said, "I go check a' Mama."  So then she ran in and checked with me, and ran back out to hit the road.

She really wanted to fix my hair several times throughout the day.  The way my latest haircut is going, it couldn't hurt much.  I'm just saying.

She got all friendly with strangers today (which I should probably address).  People in line behind us, waitresses, random people walking past--they all got a perky, "Hi!  I'm Lucy!  Look a' my shoes!"  followed by some foot twisting so they could admire them.  The funny thing is that she's had them for months.  But the last few days they've been big news.

She called several people on her hand phone, and had the following type of conversation:  "Hi!  Uh-huh.  Yeah.  Huh.  Hmmm.  Yes, I do!  Okay, okay.  Any-an-anywAAAAy, okay.  (insert big knee-slapping fake laugh.) Um-hmm. Bye-bye!"

(Okay, this may be over-sharing.  Sorry!)  Lucy did something today that she's done several times.  I'll be, ahem, on the potty, and she'll squeeze in right beside me, put her arm around me, and say reassuringly, "I hold you, mama."  Then she'll give me a few encouraging pats on the knee.  This CRACKS ME UP!  I guess I've "held her" on the potty, so she's just returning the favor.  I assure you, I'm in no danger of falling in, but I really get tickled that she's concerned.

She asked for about 100 books.  She told me I was pretty.  She made John, Nana, and Pap happy by visiting and being a little Joy-baby.  She made me happy just in general.  She sang loudly.  She laughed and laughed.  She got "hot" the minute a ray of sunshine touched her through the car window.  She made me lunch in the microwave.  She fussed about me fixing her hair but absolutely pranced in front of the mirror.  She announced, "I'm peed.  I peeding."  (Just in time for potty-training, take 3 on spring break next week).  She was just a little extra-snuggly, and I loved it.  She kissed her bible story book when she thought she saw Uncle John in there.

 And tonight, after Bible story, prayers, songs, and snuggles (and the new part of the routine, calling me back in from the doorway to "kiss her milk", which she does.  Just kisses the cup.  And then I usually get another one, too.), I hear through the monitor:  "Mama?  Mama?  (so quietly)  I miss you.  Mama.  I miss you."  I went in and patted her, and then before long, I heard, "Mama?  I need a hug.  I need a HUG, please!"  I probably should have let her sleep, but I needed a good snuggle, too, so we snuggled and hugged and rocked a bit.  Good stuff!


Mar 19, 2013

Chit chat--this and that

Oh Lucy.  This girl is so funny!  Here are some things I'm enjoying about my daughter:

  • We're working on sharing.  She got some cookies from her nana and, when asked to share, replied, "I share-a myself."  Smart cookie.
  • When mama says anything in a remotely stressed tone, she assumes that it's "not nice."  I get this driving a lot.  I might say, "Careful, mister." and I get a furrowed brow and a "Don't say that, mama.  Thas not nice."  If I'm a repeat offender, I get, "I TOLE you, mama, don't say that!"
  • She likes to talk to nana on the phone, and they sometimes get disconnected.  One morning when this happened, she said sadly, "Nana hang me."
  • We were talking about going to see Nana, Pap and John.  We listed off who would be there, and then she wrapped her little arms around herself in a hug and said, "And everybody love me."  She's so right!
  • I'm seeing a little attitude sometimes.  She wants to assert that independence.  (And she isn't allowed to get away with this without consequences, but it just sounds so prim and funny).  Sometimes when I ask her to do something, she calmly and clearly says, "I won't."  It's like she's so sure that that's the end of the issue. Just, "I won't."
  • She loves babies.  We stop to ooh and aah over them, and she usually is convinced that "that baby smiled at me."  I hadn't realized how loose she was with this statement, until she saw a squirrel on the back porch, and said, "Aaaw, he smiled at me!"
  • I'd noticed that I was calling her quite a few pumpkin-themed nicknames.  Sweet pumpkin, pretty pumpkin, funny pumpkin.  The other day when I left, she said to me, "Bye, pumpkin pie!"  I'm so glad she sees pumpkin as a term of endearment, too!
  • I snuggled her before bed one night, and said, "I have a secret for you!"  I whispered in her ear, "I love you so very much!"  She leaned in to excitedly whisper back to me, "I love John."  Just the facts, ma'am.
  • We crack ourselves up.  Tonight, the shoulder-shaking belly-laugh was about me singing so loudly that she said, "Too loud, mama!"  So I got quieter, but it was still "too loud!"  Finally I was whispering, and then just mouthing the words, and every time, she could barely squeeze the words, "too loud!" out between giggles.  I LOVE to hear that girl laugh.
More pics are coming.  I've had a few little computer snags.  Well, just ask Lucy.  In her words, "Mama computer broke.  Fall down.  Boom!"  So, um, when we get that little issue resolved you'll see more of her sweet face.  One thankful mama, signing out!