Nov 29, 2013

black Friday shopping surprise

We did two rounds of Black Friday shopping (well after the craziness subsided).  Lucy is such a good little shopper.  She has a great attitude and never demands to receive things.  She's such a little blessing.  And I get to see the kindness in others and the joy that she brings, because we're always getting comments on how sweet or beautiful she is.  (And I agree :) ).
At one of our last stops she acquired this little Styrofoam cylinder that she was playing with (from the stuffing inside some shoes).  She called it her "treasure chest" (although it didn't open) and clearly prized this new possession.
I was trying on boots, sitting on a long bench with a man waiting on his wife in the dressing room.  I noticed that Lucy's pants were unsnapped.  "Come let me snap you up,"  I said to her.
She started digging, and (tadaa!) pulled this cylinder out of her pants!  "It's okay, " she said, as I cracked up and this stranger totally chuckled out loud, "I need it open so I can put my treasure chest in."

You just never know.

Nov 27, 2013


Lucy has been telling me about what she's learning in Sunday school.  She broke the news to me gently--"Weeeell, Moses was died."   And she told me about how Joshua was a new leader of the Isrealites (yes, she talks about the Isrealites).  And how Rahab protected them, and about how they blew horns and the walls of Jericho fell down.

While we were out doing some Christmas shopping, she saw this Disney Princess castle, and was mesmerized.  "Mama," she asked in a hushed voice, "Is that JERICHO?"

This precious child!

Nov 18, 2013

taking care of Duckie

I love to see her being so sweet.  She tucked Duckie in once before I got the camera out and she put her head on the pillow and put her hand on his forehead (like I do with her) and sang "Sweet Duckie Joy" to him (I sing "Sweet Lucy Joy").  Love this sweet girl!

Nov 11, 2013

singing with a microphone

Lucy loves music and LOVES to sing! 

Her favorites are these Seeds of Worship CDs that are verses set to music.  They kind of say/sing/chant the Bible reference at the beginning (which is why her song starts out shouting numbers).

She set up her "music chair" in the kitchen door this morning and did some adorable singing/song-leading.  I asked her to do it again, trying to catch it on video.  The second time around, she got a little more sassy and a little more shout-y, but still pretty stinkin' cute.

I love the innovation when she can't figure out how to do hand motions and hold her microphone :)

Nov 10, 2013

hair follow-up

Victory!  We've made serious progress with our hair!  Tonight, after a mid-week touch up, we washed, detangled and styled in 35-40 minutes, with no tears (and 2 suckers :) )  I'm so thankful that we're able to keep her hair healthy and do it pain-free (and drama free).  And even though it's a bit of work, I LOVE her hair!  It's beautiful!!


Nov 6, 2013


Oh my!  My little "doctor" and her buddy, Minnie Mouse, had a lovely Halloween.  They really got into it this year. 

Favorite moments:  Laney saying "more" after the last few houses;  Lucy knocking on strangers' doors, calling out, "It's me!"

(Thanks Angel, for the pics!  My camera said "battery exhausted" as soon as I took it out!)