Nov 29, 2013

black Friday shopping surprise

We did two rounds of Black Friday shopping (well after the craziness subsided).  Lucy is such a good little shopper.  She has a great attitude and never demands to receive things.  She's such a little blessing.  And I get to see the kindness in others and the joy that she brings, because we're always getting comments on how sweet or beautiful she is.  (And I agree :) ).
At one of our last stops she acquired this little Styrofoam cylinder that she was playing with (from the stuffing inside some shoes).  She called it her "treasure chest" (although it didn't open) and clearly prized this new possession.
I was trying on boots, sitting on a long bench with a man waiting on his wife in the dressing room.  I noticed that Lucy's pants were unsnapped.  "Come let me snap you up,"  I said to her.
She started digging, and (tadaa!) pulled this cylinder out of her pants!  "It's okay, " she said, as I cracked up and this stranger totally chuckled out loud, "I need it open so I can put my treasure chest in."

You just never know.

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