Aug 28, 2014

your imaginary brother

Introducing:    Jay-TON!

Lucy, for probably 6 months now you've talked about your "brother" Jay-Ton.  You named him this made up name and use it every time.  He seems to be around a lot, except for when you randomly report that he's in Florida or at work (he works in Florence.)  He's sometimes 3 and sometimes 76.  He seems to be responsible fairly often when things get broken or misplaced or messy.  You call over your shoulder, "Come on, brother," as you head out the door.  You play-fight with him, and you "aww" him when he says something nice.  When I try to explain something like, "Jay-Ton doesn't need his own sandwich," you reply, outraged, "Mama!  Be nice!"  You are so very precious that, even though I'm a bit of a skeptic, I'm warming up to Jay-Ton.   After all, I did tuck him in tonight.  :)

Aug 21, 2014

it's official:

 Lucy is going to preschool!

(And she's a bit excited about it).

Aug 17, 2014

cuteness times three

Lucy LOVES Aunt Rachel and Uncle John!
(I'm pretty fond of 'em, too!)

Aug 14, 2014

conversations lately

After taking out the trash:
K:  Does it still stink in here, or is it just me?
L:  It does smell bad in here, but I don't think it's you.

After a rousing rendition of "My God is So Big" in the car, which finishes with the lyrics "There's nothing my God cannot do!"  (I'm feeling like a good parent--my child is spontaneously singing praise songs!)
L:  Hmph.  (a little dejectedly)  My God can't do nothing!

Observing while I tried on a new skirt:
L: (circling around me, tugging here and there)  Ooh, la, la!  It's beautiful!  And it covers your butt really well.

Asking about friends at her sitter:
L:  I played with Gabe today.
K:  Good!  (Gabe is 1 and has been walking around with a pacifier in his mouth every time I've seen him).
K:  Can Gabe talk yet?
L:  He can talk, she said, then explained,  He's just not very chatty.  You know, like Pap.

At bedtime tonight:
L:  How do babies get in bellies?
K:  Oh.  um...