pondering parenting

Parenting.  It is such a joy, an honor.  The sweet words, the smiling eyes, the tickle-fests.

She says what I say and does what I do, and it's precious.  And VERY scary!  I have so many things to learn.  But as I figure things out, she's watching. And noticing.  And it's shaping how she things and sees God and other people and the world and herself.

What a responsibility!

I want to have boundaries, but show love.  I want obedience and curiosity.  I want good communication and a dash of independence.  I want her to have all she needs and some things she wants, but not too much.  There are so many areas where I need to sort out a delicate balance.  And I so want to do this well!

First resource, God.  Lord, I pray for wisdom and patience and love and joy in this parenting venture.  Show me how.  Show me how!

A few resources I'm studying and pondering about this parenting mystery:

Sheparding a Child's Heart.

Give them Grace.

First time obedience, really?

Get-along jar for siblings

Let them Come Home (praying I'll not need it, but so wise)

10 promises for parents

Screen time tactic I like (for the future, she gets pretty much none at 3)

An article from a grown adoptee (language warning, but good words)

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