Apr 28, 2014

Psalm 46:1-2

God is our refuge and strength,
an ever-present help in trouble. 
Therefore we will not fear, though the earth give way
and the mountains fall into the heart of the sea.

Psalm 46:1-2

Lucy told me all this earlier in the car, while we were singing this song.  She got "present" a little confused, but how precious that she sees that the way God made us a family was a gift and a help. 

My heart is full.


Apr 25, 2014


Happy Easter!

That gorgeous hair!
In her new white Easter dress, Lucy decided it would be a great idea to make an "angel" in the dirt that Pap had turned over for his garden.  Luckily, he stopped her just in time! :)

This year, she really gets what Easter is about.  She prayed the other night:  "Thank you that your son came to save us and that He got alive again."  I'm so thankful that God is putting his truth in her heart already!

Lucy and Dalaney

Egg hunting!

Dessert Table

Someone got creative so she could reach.

Apr 16, 2014


Lucy ran around the table to me at the Chinese restaurant.

"Feel my lips," she demanded, puckering. "How do they feel?"

I touched them.  "They feel..."

"SPICY!  They feel so spicy!"

(The three of us single gals eating with her had to ponder if this was the best pick-up line ever.  We think maybe so!)

Apr 10, 2014

3rd Forever Day

Lucy Joy,

Today I remember how I scooped you up and was so happy because got to take you home and be your forever Mama.  Tonight I tried to tell you how much I love you and how special you are and how much joy you bring to my life and how thankful I am to God for you... and my heart was so full I cried.

"Mama," you said, "You look like you're about to cry...  You are!  You're crying like a little baby!"

We all had a laugh!

Here is the video about your forever day :)


Apr 6, 2014

pulmonary health is our priority

Lucy and I had the windows down to enjoy the breezy day.

We stopped at a light in the turning lane, and I could hear the woman beside us talking on her cell phone. 

"Mama, that girl is smoking!"  Lucy whispered urgently.

"Oh man," I whispered back, thinking that if I could hear the lady speaking normally, she'd be able to hear us, too.  "It's not a very good idea, is it?"

Lucy, apparently overcome with concern for this stranger's pulmonary health, yells out her window in a surely-you-know-this-already kind of tone, "Hey lady!  Stop smoking!"

Eeek!  I hit the button to slide the windows up, but I wasn't fast enough to cut off any of her hollered health advice.  I did manage to knock her sippy cup out of her hand and into the road, though.  Then I had to do a walk of shame, half-jogging around my car to her side, stooping to scoop up the sippy cup, avoiding the gaze of the chastised smoker-lady in the next car.  Of course, the turning light turned green and a few of my more helpful road-fellows "encouraged" me along by honking their horns.

I was really glad to get home.  And if you live in the Florence area, think twice before lighting up.  :)

Apr 1, 2014

the things you say


"Let's go to the front door and use the ring-bell."

"Sometimes I just don't know how to sleep in my big bed and I need to come get in with you.  And you say, 'Go back to your bed.'  But remember how much you like to snuggle with me?"

"Can I have another lemon slice?  My lemon isn't working very well."

"How was your day, Mama?"  or "Tell me about your day."  almost every day :)

Every morning we pass one of the elementary schools I work in on the way to Ms. Connie's.  You call it "Little" (and the other is "Big").  You ask, "Are you going to Big or Little today, Mama?"  I always answer "Little."  If I try to answer anything else, you strongly advise I go to "Little" which is just down the street from where you are. :)




"Purple," you said.  "Pur-ple," drawing it out a little.  "Mama, can you say purple in Spanish?"  "Morado," I answer.  "I can, too!"  you reply.  "Puuur-ple."

"I think my list needs a snapple." (staple)

On a pretend, hands-at-our-ears phone call with me:  "Mama, where are you?"  "In our house," I replied.  You took your phone down for a little pow-wow.  "No Mama," you patiently explained, "You live in Florida."  "Florida!" I exclaimed.  " I'll bet we like living there!"  "No, Mama," you replied, a little exasperated with me.  " You live in Florida.  I live in the City somewhere."

"My room is a 'isaster.  'Isaster!!"

As I tucked you in last night (Sunday night), "See you Monday."

Putting on a new pair of shoes (they look kind of like Toms), you said, hopefully:  "Wow.  Do these shoes make me look like a mom?"