Apr 1, 2014

the things you say


"Let's go to the front door and use the ring-bell."

"Sometimes I just don't know how to sleep in my big bed and I need to come get in with you.  And you say, 'Go back to your bed.'  But remember how much you like to snuggle with me?"

"Can I have another lemon slice?  My lemon isn't working very well."

"How was your day, Mama?"  or "Tell me about your day."  almost every day :)

Every morning we pass one of the elementary schools I work in on the way to Ms. Connie's.  You call it "Little" (and the other is "Big").  You ask, "Are you going to Big or Little today, Mama?"  I always answer "Little."  If I try to answer anything else, you strongly advise I go to "Little" which is just down the street from where you are. :)




"Purple," you said.  "Pur-ple," drawing it out a little.  "Mama, can you say purple in Spanish?"  "Morado," I answer.  "I can, too!"  you reply.  "Puuur-ple."

"I think my list needs a snapple." (staple)

On a pretend, hands-at-our-ears phone call with me:  "Mama, where are you?"  "In our house," I replied.  You took your phone down for a little pow-wow.  "No Mama," you patiently explained, "You live in Florida."  "Florida!" I exclaimed.  " I'll bet we like living there!"  "No, Mama," you replied, a little exasperated with me.  " You live in Florida.  I live in the City somewhere."

"My room is a 'isaster.  'Isaster!!"

As I tucked you in last night (Sunday night), "See you Monday."

Putting on a new pair of shoes (they look kind of like Toms), you said, hopefully:  "Wow.  Do these shoes make me look like a mom?"

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