Mar 11, 2014

calling the cops

So, Lucy and I had a dispute that apparently got out of hand.  We were debating whether I was "fluffing" her hair (my opinion) or "spiking up" her hair  (her opinion--although I can assure you that her hair was very fluffy and not the least bit spiky.)   :)

Our conversation went something like this:

K:  Fluffing.

L:  Spiking.

K:  Fluffing.

L:  Spiking!

K:  Fluffing.  (Why?  Why argue over this with my 3 year old???)

L:  That's it, I'm calling the cops!  (Puts pretend phone to ear and proceeds in a very no-nonsense tone.)  Hello cops?  It's me, Lucy.  There's a girl here who is saying FLUFFING.  Okay?  Okay.  I love you.  Goodbye.

(She looks at me like "ha!" then gets a little panicked.  She calls back on her fake phone.) 
L:  Hello cops?  It's me, Lucy.  DON'T come get her.  I know... I was just telling you.  Don't come get her.  I love you.  Goodbye.

Sooo, she'll turn me in to the cops, but she'll really advocate to keep me out of the slammer.  Good things for a mama to know.  :)

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