Apr 6, 2014

pulmonary health is our priority

Lucy and I had the windows down to enjoy the breezy day.

We stopped at a light in the turning lane, and I could hear the woman beside us talking on her cell phone. 

"Mama, that girl is smoking!"  Lucy whispered urgently.

"Oh man," I whispered back, thinking that if I could hear the lady speaking normally, she'd be able to hear us, too.  "It's not a very good idea, is it?"

Lucy, apparently overcome with concern for this stranger's pulmonary health, yells out her window in a surely-you-know-this-already kind of tone, "Hey lady!  Stop smoking!"

Eeek!  I hit the button to slide the windows up, but I wasn't fast enough to cut off any of her hollered health advice.  I did manage to knock her sippy cup out of her hand and into the road, though.  Then I had to do a walk of shame, half-jogging around my car to her side, stooping to scoop up the sippy cup, avoiding the gaze of the chastised smoker-lady in the next car.  Of course, the turning light turned green and a few of my more helpful road-fellows "encouraged" me along by honking their horns.

I was really glad to get home.  And if you live in the Florence area, think twice before lighting up.  :)

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