Apr 8, 2015

Lucy sings to God

Lucy woke me up this morning, inspired.  She had traced and colored her hand in her notebook (that's what she keeps referring to in the video, as if her lyrics are there).  She serenaded me in bed with a beautiful song, then I had to try to capture this awesomeness :)  It's long (around 5 minutes) so only her card-carrying fan club will want to watch it.  It's songs "from her heart" (but includes a bit of "Day by Day" by GFC and I almost here a hint of "First time in Forever" from Frozen :)  All the singing about no jail in heaven arises from a pre-school theological dispute with a little boy at her daycare (he told her that if women don't wear skirts they go to jail in heaven, and we've talked often since then that heaven has no jail!  Just God saying "Welcome, my precious daughter!" and loving us!)  Lucy can be a little shy, so seeing her praising God all loud and confident and praying boldly to Him just makes me happy.

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