Oct 11, 2013

Happy 3rd Birthday!

Happy Birthday, sweet girl!

You just woke up a big 3 year old!

A hand-me-down gift--my little people house circa 1985.  You LOVE it :)  Especially the doorbell!

A birthday trip to the zoo.  Which you sweetly thanked me for as I strapped you in your seat afterwards.  You were full of "thank you"s today, which makes me so happy for you.  I hope you'll remember that being thankful is the best outlook and that God gives us all good things!

We saw lots of special animals from Africa (including a Giraffe named Lulu who was having a birthday too!)

Train ride!  You whooped out the highest pitched "All Aboard!" that may have ever been whooped :)

I love you so very much!  You are my best gift from God and I'm so thankful you are you, and you are THREE!


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