May 1, 2014

skinny jean problems

Oh, Lucy Joy!  You delight your mama to no end!

This morning you burst in in brand new skinny jeans, mismatched socks, and your sparkle shoes.  (Shirts are tricky, so you didn't have anything on up top).  "I dressed myself!" you declared!  I marveled at your skills, but it soon came out that you didn't have on any panties.  "Well," I said, "You'd better put some on for today."  I kept getting ready when I heard some squalling coming from your direction.  I went in to find you naked as a jane-bird (as you say) with a tangle of denim around your ankles.  You couldn't get your jeans off!  You huffed, "Mama, I need some help!  I can't get these jeans off, and I'm feeling 'ZASperated!"

Where did you come up with exasperated?  It's the first time I've heard it and you used it well!  You also (totally on your own) added a necklace to complete your ensemble.  I'm so proud of you, big girl!

I didn't get a picture, but here is your ensemble on another day when you PROUDLY dressed yourself.

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