Jan 7, 2012

new year, new skills

Here she is in action folks!  Defying gravity and performing amazing feats of strength, balance, and coordination, I present.... LUCY!

So besides the brains,the looks, and the singing, she can now add athletic prowess to her list of accomplishments!  This girl is awesome!

She's also started doing something which THRILLS me to no end...

Yes, it's true.  Lucy is bringing me books to read to her.  There has even been some backing up into my lap for a nice snuggle and book.  Ahh, I'm in heaven!  I have forced encouraged reading from the start, but I wasn't sure that she enjoyed it nearly as much as I did.  So to have her choose books and bring them to me (even though we ususally don't get very far along in them) makes me a happy mama.

*Sidenote of cuteness:  The book she brought me is "Jesus Loves Me" which has pictures of adorable, culturally diverse children that she looks at as I sing the song "Jesus loves me."  She kept saying "bye bye" at the end, and I just realized for "the Bible tells me so" she's hearing Bible as bye-bye!  We'll get it all figured out!


  1. There is no way that she could be anymore adorable!!!!! Love that girl. I remember her momma being a Dr. Seuss fan, that I read to alot :)