Jan 23, 2012

Yes, it's true. I'm a hair hypocrite.

After my post about our hair success, I managed even to inspire myself to do a very thorough detangling session. Which went horrifically! Lucy screamed and pressed her little hands over her mouth. I think we were both traumatized. Apparently, I had neglected my OWN advice not to let it go too long without being detangled. I was great about it at first, and then it seemed to be working so I got a little lax. A LOT lax if the clumps of tangled curls are taken into account. And, actually, I thought it looked great. But it wasn't healthy, and working out those tangles was too tough of a job.

Soooo, once again inspired by... myself (and a debatably successful self-cut bangs episode a few weeks ago) I started cutting. I cut and cut and cut some more. It actually evened up the length because she started out with a nice head of hair on top and kinda not much on the back and sides. (It's been referred as the "reverse mullet: party in the front and business int he back) This little "trim" got rid of the worst of the knots and evened out the length. It is shorter than I thought because of how it springs right back up, but I think it's a nice, fresh, healthy start. So, now I'm going to try to follow my own advice and keep those tangles under control by not taking the short-cut and stopping the process when things get... hairy.

Isn't she lovely?

Both of our hair cuts

Sidenote: Speaking of being a hypocrite, I totally am. God is working some things in my heart. That is the nice, churchy way to say He's wreaking havoc, cleaning house, kicking butt and taking names. It's not very comfortable. But it is interesting. What will come of all this? I'm not sure. But I hope a better heart, one that isn't so concerned with getting and is much more concerned with giving, one that is ready to follow Jesus anywhere, one that doesn't love cautiously but with abandon.


  1. Your 1 brave momma, Timmy cuts Cooper's hair but the only time I ever tried to cut one of the girls it ending in total disaster, thank God Shelby still loves me, lol! I think it looks adorable, both of you.

    That's funny that what you mentioned at the end of your post, Timmy & I have been praying a very similiar prayer these last several months. Can't wait to see what the big guy has in store for us, or can I, ha!!! Love u girls, need to get together again or visit during Christmas break was just too short :(

  2. Oh friend... I love you! Thanks for sharing about your heart and your hair. LOVE the bangs! You look younger. ;) And, we just cut Joel's hair due to the crazy amount of crying that came during detangling. Even if there were no tangles. Whew. Thank goodness for a boy! :)