Jan 10, 2012

how can you help?

I'm SO glad you asked!  You see, this adoption business is a little overwhelming at times, and pricey.  But OH SO worth it! 

A#1)  My friend Angel is adopting a sweet baby girl, Dalaney, from Ethiopia as well.  She's going to have a LOVELY shin-dig on Saturday to raise money.  Just come on by and get a delish dish for $5, which will go toward her adoption.  There will also be lovely things to buy, if you want.  I'll be dishing up goodies, and you can meet Angel and her amazing son, Jeremiah (who is wonderfully excited to be a big brother) and maybe even get a sneak peak at Dalaney's pictures.  (Oh my word.  Adorable!)  Click on the flier below to make it bigger and see details

B#2)  This one is EASY folks!  Please take 30 seconds to sign this petition.  It is requesting that the refundable adoption tax credit be extended two years.  This is a BIG deal and can cover almost half of the total cost of adoption.  Extending this credit gives so many more families the opportunity to adopt.  Gracias!
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C#3)  Weeeell, I'm slipping this one in.  There is a precious little boy on my agency's waiting child list.  An 8 year old boy who now has no one.  His sweet little smile caught my eye weeks ago, and when I looked yesterday, a note beside him mentioned that he was one of the sweetest, caring chilldren they had met, always had a smile, and looked after the little ones.  Oooh, it just got me.  This child is dealing with more pain and fear and uncertainty than I'll probably ever have to, and he's caring for others in the midst of it. (Would I be that strong?) I knew he was special!  What a blessing he'd be.

I started scheming.  I'd have to have another bedroom (legally boys and girls can't share one, and neither can parents and children, so I've got mine and Lucy's and I'd need another one).  So I started scanning local real estate for sale... before I had to talk firmly to myself.  This precious boy needs a family, but it's utterly impractical that Lucy and I are his family. 

So I'm just casually throwing this out there, this news of a sweet caring little boy who needs a mama to love him and a daddy to teach him and a bed to be tucked into.  I think he may need little siblings, too, to take care of and love on.  I'm just sharing information, guys, with (almost) no ulterior motive or schemes. (www.celebratechildren.org)

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  1. Thanks for sharing, love your big heart & all those precious children waiting for their forever families!!!! We continue to pray for all of them. We are really busy with ball but I will get with you so that we can make a donation for Angel & her sweet baby girl :)