Jan 15, 2012

thoughts about hair

Hola amigos!  I think it's high time for a hair update.  I got so much good, kind advice in response to my desperate plea for help (here). We still have some struggles, but things have VASTLY improved.  There are occaisionally tears, but much less often!

One thing that was kind of freeing was to realize that there is no "right way" to work with Lucy's hair.  I got good advice, some of which coincided with "Happy Girl Hair" advice, some of which was totally contradictory.  (Happy Girl Hair is on the blog list to the right.  It's kind of a sacred cannon of hair advice for curly African hair.  It's wonderful and a little overwhelming!)

I have a whole new perspective on hair after watching the (slightly rough, but interesting) "It's all Good Hair" documentary by Chris Rock and talking with some African American friends.  First of all, black women's hair is a BIG deal :)  I learned that a little girl's hair is a reflection of how taken-care-of she is.  It's time consuming and can be expensive to really care for her hair, so if it looks neat and healthy, it shows the world that this little girl is loved and cared for.  So, Lucy's georgous hair is a billboard for my parenting prowess.  Ay ay ay!  The pressure!

Also, the documentary drew to my attention the fact that MOST African American women I see (on TV and in real life) do not wear natural (curly) hair styles.  The look I most often see is relaxed hair.  Those beautiful curls are smashed out!  I also learned that MANY African American women I see on TV and in movies are wearing weaves/extensions.  And that the "best" ones are made from the hair of Indian women.  Whew, a global beauty economy!

Now, while I get to decide about Lucy's hair, I want to showcase those beautiful curls!  I LOVE them!  So lets get to the nitty gritty:

Look how long it is when it's stretched out!

 Products we use
So, our main problem was LACK OF MOISTURE!  I needed to be moisturizing more often and with better products.  Changing those two things solved most of our problems.  Our routine now is:

--A bath about 3 times a week with conditioner (Aubrey's Honeysuckle Rose conditioner) worked through her wet hair.  (We shampoo maybe once a week first).  I detangle a little with my fingers, and use the tangle teaser some, too.  (To tell the truth, I'm not singing it's praises YET, but I've heard so many good things I want to keep trying).  Usually, I don't rinse the conditioner out, but leave it in overnight, or just kinda half rinse it. 
--In the mornings, I spritz her hair with water and conditioner, and use the Curly Q Curling Custard.  I LOVE this stuff!!!  I hear all the time how great her hair smells.  Jeremiah Rice (big bro to Lucy's future pal, Dalaney) said that they have to use this stuff because it makes Lucy smell ike a cupcake all the time!  I usually put the pantene creme oil after her afternoon nap and before she goes to bed on nights that we don't condition.

I also am using Aquaphor lotion.  It's almost a Vaseline consistancy, so we slather up at night and then zip her into her snuggly footed pjs and her skin feels great in the morning.
This works very well when it's consistant.  I've learned the hard way that missing just one moisturizing session or detangling can make for an unpleasant situation next time.  It's really a joy to have these little routines, though, and to feel like I'm learning how to take care of Lucy well.  I hope to help her appreciate what a lovely girl she is and how awesome that head of hair God gave her is!

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