Dec 30, 2011


We had such a lovely evening with some of our favorite girls, Crystal, Becca, Lexi, Addi, and Reagan.  Crystal and I grew up together and shared many things, ahem, (including using the potty... at the same time.  Not sure now how that's quite possible, but we did!).  I hope these little buddies have just as much fun as we did, playing house, barbies, more house, more barbies...

This may sound strange, but I never think about Lucy being black.  I LOVE her pretty brown skin (and we all know I'm drooling over her gorgeous hair!) but it's not something I'm consciously aware of--it's our normal.  I don't really think much about it at all, until I hold a little white baby, and then it really gets my attention how white this sweet child is!  That's what I feel a lot when I hold sweet Reagan.  I'm accostumed to a little more mocha with my Lucy!  They had a great time!

Good, clean fun!



  1. Awesome!!! Isn't it great when your kid has their own friends! I love seeing Lucy with her buds! :)

  2. Crys told me that story today at Cracker Barrell I cracked up!!!! Love both my mocha baby & my little pale Reagan Elizabeth, ha!!!