Dec 16, 2011

snug and warm

This sweet baby from Africa is ready for her first Kentucky winter!


  1. That sweet baby from Africa is adorable! I love the outfit. I hope you and little Lucy have a great Christmas! I am grateful to have been introduced to you this past year. Thank you for all of your support. I have submitted the dossier for proof, and now am waiting on a couple of more pieces of paperwork (state seal from GA on my birth certificate), and then I will submit the final copy with it ALL having the TN state seal! Wow, I cannot wait for the day I am on the waiting list, and I really cannot wait for the day I have a baby girl!!!

  2. Oh my goodness, could she be any more adorable?!!! We need to try & get together during break ;)

  3. Thanks friends! Congratulations Alisha! You're SO close! Let me know when you're submitted! You should give me a call, I'd really like to hear how your process is going! Blessings!

    And Mattie, you should call me, too! I'd LOVE to get together and see your adorable kiddos, too!