Dec 27, 2011

Christmas and firsts

Christmas with a baby is FUN!  You're shocked, I'm sure :)  We had a wonderful Christmas, but I was totally lax about picture-taking.  I did take some video, so here are a few clips of fun times at Christmas.

This was Christmas Eve at my parent's house.  She LOVES her uncle John, and I think he was the smartest about Christmas of us all!  He wrapped up this baby, which she LOVES (and already had) and then gave Lucy some money for her savings account.  I think it was her favorite thing to open :)

This was Lucy rocking.  She has a rocking chair at home, too, and she loves to climb up in it with a baby and rock the baby and sing to her.  This is also the site of Lucy's first steps!  As we all were gathered around watching, she stood up out of the chair and walked to a table several feet away.  She looked kind of shocked and determined.  When she made it, we all cheered, and she was so tickled with herself.  I had wondered why she wasn't walking yet---we determined that she just needed a bigger audience for such a momentous occasion!

This is a baby bed that my aunt Bonnie found at my great grandmother's house and refinished for Lucy, including cute bedding that matches hers--isn't it adorable?  Lucy LOVES babies, so this was a big deal!  I grabbed the camera after she had leaned into the crib and gently picked up the baby and rocked/hugged her leaning over the crib.  So very sweet.  In this video she kind of tosses her aside, but it's still fun :)

So, we had a lovely Christmas.  I'm learning so much from Lucy. One thing I realized looking back at this Christmas is that she enjoyed her presents, but they were like the icing on the cake (a nice touch, but not essential.  I appreciate them because she'll enjoy them throughout the year!).  What she really enjoyed was interacting with her family.  I hope I can find a way to carry that on, even when she's older and knows to expect presents.  I want Christmas to be a meaningful time centered around the birth of the One who redeemed us from sin, who solved our biggest problem!  Now THAT'S a reason to celebrate!


  1. Melt my heart!!! She is precious & gettn so big :(. Well said my friend, we try & emphasize that to our kiddos every year. Can't believe she's walking.

    Sorry missed your call this evening, I did text ya earlier, hopefully we can work something out to get togther.

  2. Precious little one! So thankful that she has learned how to be a sweet mommy from her sweet mommy!
    Excited to hear about her walking! WHOO!!!