Dec 5, 2011

princess on the job

I officially have the best job ever!  I work with students who are still struggling with mastering the English language, and (being the complete language geek I am) I LOVE it!

Most days are pretty great, but today takes the cake!  I had a little group of 3 kindergarteners, who were telling me all kinds of silly stories, but they kept mixing up their subject pronouns (switching he and she, mostly).  To practice, we said sentences about the little girl (she's smart, she's fun, she's pretty) and the boys.  To get some more "she" sentences, I had them make sentences about me. 

Here's what I got:
"She is pretty." 
"She is... cute."
 And, finally, from a little boy covering his face because he was shy, "She is a princess."

That sweet boy made my day!  Now that he mentions it, I do feel a little... princess-y today!

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