Oct 7, 2014

the every-day

My kitchen help.  She is the official egg-cracker now.
Sandwiched between two favorites, Aunt Rachel and Pap, on their birthday/birthday eve.
Every time we take trash to the dumpsters, Lucy gives a big, loud, low, MOOO.  I think she thinks it looks like a barnyard.  And, side-note:  Look at the shadow or her hair--pretty cool!

She sings a "God is so BIG" song by GoFish.  She loves it!  At one point, it says, "I'll look you in the eye and say:  My God is so Big..."  She's been singing it, "I'll poke you in the eye and say..."  Kind of makes a big difference in the overall feel of the tune.

I've been hearing about Hey Diddle Diddle, from pre-school.  (I have a video if I can figure out how to load it from my new-fangled phone).  She's quite good now, but the first time I head it, it went something like this:  "Hey diddle diddle!  The cat played the VIOLIN!  Hey diddle diddle!  The dish and the spoon ran.  Hey diddle diddle!  The dog laughed."  SO cute!

She's excited to go to a "Pumpkin Hatch" this fall.  (Pumpkin Patch)

I asked her what she wanted for her 4th birthday and she didn't hesitate a second.  "BOOBS!" she shouted out, eyes sparkling with hope.  This is my daughter.

P.S.  You can't mention these to her, especially the boobs talk.  She's had to talk with me lately about not sharing her stories! 

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