Sep 28, 2014

Lucy the hostess

Lucy, you just don't stop surprising me!

We had a fun guest this week from Mexico staying with us.  She slept in your bed and you slept with me.  You charmed her immediately, and included her in everything.

Decked out in Mexico accessories, thanks to our guest
We had John, Rachel and Abby over for dinner with her on Tuesday.  You were so excited to have so many friends here.  You kept us entertained!  As we talked around the table after dinner, you brought over a cake you'd made and announced that it was Paty's birthday.  We all sang and she blew out her candles with gusto.  Then you reverently brought over your purple play flag and announced that it was time for the pledge, and that John would have the honor of holding the flag.  Then you called out, "RIGHT hand to the RED wall!  Now over your heart.  I pledge allegiance..." and led all us adults in the pledge.  You know every word.  Later we did it yet again, with Paty, the honored guest, holding the flag.

We just got back from a riverboat ride, where you chatted with the whole all-adult group and danced the night away on the balcony as we watched the city float by.  It was so special!

This picture just kills me!  A group of Mexican exchange students, NKU professors, and at the helm?  Lucy Joy.
One of my favorite things was that when you were bunking in with me, I'd read for a few minutes before I turned off the light.  You'd cozy up to "share my pillow" and grab a book, too.  We'd read companionably for a bit, and then I'd say it was time to go to sleep.  I'd fold back the top right corner of my page so I could find it, and every night, you'd carefully fold back the top right corner of your page, too.

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