Sep 15, 2014


I don't know where my 3 year old heard about reports.

One night, while tucking her in, I said I was going to pray.  "Wait," she replied, "first I have to make a report."   Then she did:  "The one who is going to pray is my Mamma.  She is lovely to me and silly and she is special.  And she used mad words when I didn't listen in the store.  And she's the one who's going to pray."

I felt so good, then not so good, then pretty good about it.  And every night since, we make reports, or more like elaborate introductions before the other one prays.  It can be fun, and kind of telling, because she chooses to air my dirty laundry, too.  But it's a nice way to say kind words over each other at the end of the day.  I love it!

Then we sing 3 songs.  Which she has to make a report about before we start.

So, three daily reports.  One introducing her, one introducing me, and one listing our songs (which are always the same).  She's such a funny kiddo.

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