Oct 12, 2014

4 years old!

Lucy, you are such a joy.

You so enjoy having family around, and you LOVE birthdays.  So your own birthday is a BIG DEAL!

On this birthday, you put on a pink princess dress and gasped over "glass" slippers and then tripped and tumbled your way to the mirror.  At one point you had the hoop of your skirt around your head!  We laughed so hard!  Then you got a princess dress for your baby doll and shoved your crown at me--"Hold this!  I've got to go get someone."--as you tumbled in to get your baby.

You cracked eggs and mixed and iced and sprinkled.  It was so lovely!  (You even got Pap into the kitchen to help!)

You got books and you were so happy with them.  We read them all twice.

You got lots of fun things for fancy dress-up!  High heels, tiaras, and some cool costumes.  You love to use your imagination, so these are perfect!!

And, as a little part of your present, you got 3 princess lip glosses (the kind with the wand) and a little keychain carrying case for them.  Oh my word!  You were enchanted with this lip gloss.  You have the glossiest lips on the planet and your family all got sticky birthday kisses, but you're so happy.

So I'm happy.  Happy Birthday, my love!  You are a precious gift from God!

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  1. Ahhh, a four year old! I loved this age with E and I'm loving this age with Joel. Such precious time. Love y'all's happy faces!