Oct 20, 2014

Four so far

 Already such a big 4-year-old!  Four-year-olds get to push the little carts at Kroger.  Yay!

And four-year-olds still hold Mama's hand willingly (yay!) but they twist their little wrists out from under your pinky finger.   (boo!)  Mamas, you know what I'm talking about.

Four is great for playing dress up with your buddies.  Four-year-olds generously sample make-up while Mama is browsing, and then with beautiful four year old self-assurance, shout into the mirror, 
"I like me!  I like me!"

Being four means you want a little more say in your outfits (and I just love your style).  You also may explain to your mama that you have a "conference" in the morning, so she'll probably need to do hair after nap instead.

Sometimes four is hard.

But most of the time it's quite lovely.

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