Oct 22, 2014

sick day

 So, this pretty much sums up our day:

Why yes, it is a specimen cup, full of urine, with a Cinderella sticker on it.  We were given the cup at the doctor's office, and before I could fully explain what it was for, Lucy had decorated it with the sticker they gave her for being so brave.  So, we filled it up shortly afterwards and then took it back.  I hope we made a lab person's day!

We got home and while I got medicine out and read labels, Lucy got a baby and tucked herself in.  Big smiles even when she's feeling pitiful.

I hate to see her feeling bad, but again I'm SO thankful that we live in a place where I can take her to see a doctor and get medicine the same day she's feeling bad.  I hate to see her feeling rough, but I know that medicine is already working in her to make her feel better.  Mamas in countries without access to health care have to watch their babies feel bad and can't do much for them.  So we're grateful.

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