Aug 31, 2013

things I love from today

Things I love from today:

A camp chair pulled up to the shower I'm in and little brown toes sneaking in under the curtain.

Many hand gestures, usually winding around and then opening into a palms-up shrug, as she explained some important things.

How three different books were "my favorite one I ever saw."

Another reference to "our parents" (which apparently are Nana, Pap, and Uncle John).

This conversation:  "I'll be Uncle John, you be Shosh." (Josh--his friend)
             Then she says, in her squeaky-high voice usually used for mamas and
             babies,  "Hi buddy! You wanna go to a movie-show?"
             Followed by a lot of "yeah, buddy" and "I love you, buddy!"

Hand holding and praying during that last drink of "milky."

What a precious gift she is!

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