Aug 7, 2013

side by side

God works in funny ways.  In very cool ways.
My friend Angel and I had classrooms next door to one another.  We talked adoption dreams in the 5 minutes of hallway chaos between classes while we kept an eye on things, broke up almost-fights, and parted passionate couples who appeared to be devouring one another.  She was so cool because she'd adopted a wonderful boy already, about 10 years earlier. 
I thought it was just dreams.  Just fluff.  Just things you chat about and hope for, but don't really expect to see happen.  Like winning the lottery.  Or losing 10 pounds.  Or being on So You Think You Can Dance.
Just inside the classroom door, my dear friend Mattie found me during lunch one day and mentioned that she was anxious about her trip to Africa alone... and I volunteered to go...
I blinked, and it's three years later. 
Our classrooms are no longer side by side, but our daughters are.
God is so cool.

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