Aug 13, 2013

time out

While I'm a firm believer in a good spanking (or 5, you know, if we're having a rough day) I think time-out has been a really successful discipline tool for Lucy, too.  I do it like Nanny Jo (on SuperNanny) does it, and it really seems to help her switch gears.  In fact, when she's a little overwhelmed, she often puts herself into time-out (which kind of cracks me up!).  But I think it's awesome that she can tell that she needs a little space and it does help her re-boot a little.

It's been SO successful that I'll hear her putting her little ones in time out, especially when they're rowdy in the tub.  They get time-out in the soap dish.  This night, the frog and the 7 got time out.   She puts them up there pretty strernly, usually for "not listening to me" and then after a bit will have a falsetto voice saying "sorry" (the offender) and she'll say that it's okay and hug and kiss.  It's pretty funny!


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