Aug 1, 2013


Lucy has been using her imagination, which thrills me to no end!

I was cleaning up the kitchen and noticed that she was playing tea party/restaurant.  I tried to sneakily get it on video, and I was amazed that she just played and played.   Here is 15 minutes or so of tea party/restaurant play (squeezed into 30 seconds).  Notice that she appears to be still for about 1 second :)  (Also, I don't know if you can tell it, but she's wearing her pajamas and her white dress shoes.) 

Here's my favorite little bit:  (sorry for the dishwasher noise in the background)

She told them as they were eating that it was time to eat lunch and then they'd all take a nap.  So after they finished, she lined them all up and tucked them all in.

Her "dad", her baby, Duckie, her "mom", and Lucy, all tuckered out from their big restaurant outing.

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