Jul 29, 2013

special delivery and the sweet aroma of ketsup

Lucy and I headed to Chik-fil-a.  I was kind of desperate.  I had just spent an hour in walmart and I had a head-ache and felt like I'd been submerged in a pit of grimy despair.  (I kind of hate walmart, especially the one closest to where I live) (And I hate that the lines are so ridiculously looooong!)  You see my frame of mind, and why (after long check-out delays) I just threw in the towel and suggested a rare treat--eating out, just the two of us.

Oh, how my Joy-Belle can turn things around for her grumpy mama!

We had a lovely dinner, during which I got lots of ketsup-py hugs and lovely conversation.  She noticed the small vase of flowers on the table (nice touch Chik-fil-a!) and leaned in to "mell 'em!"  She smiled dreamily and declared, "They 'mell like ketsup."  Like it was just the best thing--ketsup-smelling flowers.

We finished and then had to play a bit.  There is a play-land where she can climb up, go in a plane or a car, and then come down a slide. 

She was in the plane, and she called for me.  "Mama!  I'm getting my baby!"  I was confused and pointed out that her baby was with me.  "No, another baby!  I'm finding my baby!"  It hit me.  "Where are you flying to?" I asked her.  "E FI opia!"  She slid awkwardly down the slide, careful not to jostle her imaginary baby, held gently in her arms.  She brought the "baby" over to me and gently deposited her in my arms.  "Now she needs a sister!"  She headed back up.

A child after my own heart.  Let's get some more babies around here!!


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