Jul 26, 2013

a date!

Lucy and I had this conversation on the way home from church on Sunday.
 "I want to go on a date!"
 I repeated it to make sure I heard this correctly.  "A date?" 
"With who?"
"Mama." (with an "isn't that obvious" tone).
"Where should we go?" I asked.
"To a farm to see animals," was her quick answer, "Maybe we can go tomorrow!"

So, we had a date.  Monday rained, but on Tuesday, we were ready for our date.  We went to the creation museum to walk the garden paths and go to the petting zoo, which did have farm-ish animals.  She was so excited about our special time, and I was, too. 

Thank the good Lord for almost 3 year-olds and the wonder that they bring to a Tuesday.


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