Jul 15, 2013

from the mouths of babes...

We've been listening to these wonderful cds with Bible verses set to songs.  (I know, you're imagining something horrible, but I promise, they're catchy!).

Lucy has been singing (instead of "there is no commandment greater than these") There is no commandment greater than ME.  To tell the truth, I struggle with that one sometimes, too :)

Also, she was asking for the "Pirate Song" from that CD.  I don't think there are just loads of biblical references to pirates, so I was pretty confused.  Finally, I realized that she wanted the song that
says Where your treasure is, there you heart will be also.   I'm proud of that brain--making pirate/treasure connections at 2 and a half!

This morning I was sitting on the couch with Lucy thinking about what we needed to do today.  I started to jump up, thinking that I'd forgotten to switch the laundry (with the clothes I wanted to wear today) to the dryer, then sat back down, realizing that I'd switched it before I went to bed.  Lucy just saw me say, "Oh!  I've got to..." and then almost immediately, "I already did it."  She nodded with understanding, and asked gently, "You poopied in your panties?" 

Oh. My. Word.  I about lost it, people!  She's SO funny.

She followed that up tonight with what seems to be a sad commentary on my culinary prowess (and/or emotional stability?).  I've been trying to eat ridiculously healthily, and this has resulted in trying many new things, quite a few of which are not what you'd call successes.  I may or may not over-react to these non-successes, as I've spent a lot of time "cooking" them and my kitchen is trashed and I'm HUNGRY and dinner looks like something a herbivore threw up.  So, last night I made a marinade and tonight I grilled chicken on my George.  It turned out beautifully (a first for me!) and was finished just as the broccoli finished steaming and the sweet potatoes came out of the oven.  The plates looked so good!  I was so surprised at how good it all looked, that I triumphantly announced to Lucy, "I made DINNER!"   To which she replied, equally triumphantly, "And you didn't CRY!"

Whew!  What a day with my good little buddy.

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